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Your Connection to Silverado Vineyards.
Bigger Than Your Head

Wine May Be Fine But Beer May Be Better

"Sometimes thatís just the way it works out. Some foods and dishes reject wine as a companion ó or certain wines ó no matter how good the wine is in favor of beer. Iím thinking particularly of Indian and Southeastern Asian cuisines, which with their combination of spicy heat and intensity and often exotic flavors defy a pairing with wine, unless itís a moderately sweet riesling, pinot gris or gewurztraminer whose keen acidity cuts through the richness of the dish and whose delicate sweetness balances the spice. Such a match is a cliche of the wine-and-food-pairing cohort, but as is the case with many cliches thereís a great deal of truth to the assumption..." Read More >

The Corkdork on Sangiovese

Napa Valley Sangiovese: An Appreciation

I went out last weekend with an amazing winemaker from Boca in Piemonte and I was trying to explain to him why I spent a recent day in the Napa Valley tasting nothing but California Sangiovese. I was met with a blank stare as if I was from Mars. Yes, I like Brunello as much as the next guy, but there are times where I simply crave the lighter weight, scent and juicyness of Napa Sangiovese for simple drinking with food. Italian Sangiovese, I feel like I wait forever for. It's a sublime wine when it's perfect, but most young Italian Sangioveses leave me wanting to leave them alone for another 5 years. Napa Sangiovese brings me instant gratification. Read More >

A Brief Tale of Three Vintages in Napa Valley

Vinography: A Wine Blog

Alder Yarrow's take on the three vintages at the perspective tasting and, of course, Silverado Vineyard's Estate Cabernet.
Read More >

Romance in the Napa Valley

Valentine's Activities - 7X7 Wine Blog

Silverado Vineyards included in wine blog about Valentine's Day events in the Wine Country Read More >

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