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Disney Greats in the Wine Business

Disney Insider Article
Here's a great article about Diane Disney Miller and all the Disney greats that are now in the wine business.

Far from the fireworks, parades, and attractions of Disneyland Park, a different kind of pixie dust is making magic in Northern California ... and Tinker Bell is nowhere to be seen. Here bouquet bests balloons and the grape takes center stage in a lush setting that welcomes thrill-seekers of another breed wine enthusiasts. Though Theme Parks can't be beat, this adult playground of sorts offers another type of Disney experience as some of the Company's most illustrious have turned their talents to winemaking.

Diane Disney Miller, John Lasseter, Rich Frank, and Fess Parker are among the entertainment industry's most notable vintners, so pour yourself a glass of pinot while we reveal the latest from the grapevine.


Diane Disney Miller, Walt's eldest daughter, and her husband Ron loved Napa Valley so much that they purchased their first vineyard (once owned by famed candy maker Harry See!) in the 1970s, selling grapes to local vintners before building the elegant Silverado Winery in 1980. With the help of winemaker Jonathan Emmerich, they've been producing award-winning varietals ever since. In addition to Silverado, the Millers acquired six other vineyards including Stags' Leap, Miller Ranch, Mt. George, Soda Creek Ranch, Vineburg, and Firetree for an approximate total of 600 acres.

Named after an abandoned mining town nestled at the top of Napa Valley, the Miller's California Mission-style winery is open to the public for various tastings, tours, fine dining, and receptions. Connoisseurs can sip cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, semillon, sangiovese, petit verdot, and merlot on a sunset-kissed terrace where the views are nothing short of a real-life fairytale.

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