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Romance in the Napa Valley

Valentine's Activities - 7X7 Wine Blog
Silverado Vineyards included in wine blog about Valentine's Day events in the Wine Country

Some say Valentines Day is a Hallmark Holiday, but it's a good excuse to be romantic and treat yourself and your loved one to something sexy (or at least gluttonous).

With that in mind, weve planned a perfect day for you in Napa and found the best that the surrounding wine countries have to offer. So, this year, skip the teddy bear and flowers and head up to the wine country with your sweet, or commiserate in style with your pals.

Pick restaurants, picnic spots, and wineries using 7x7s Top 7 most Romantic things to do in Napa. If its photo-ops and vistas that youre into, check out Wineries With the Best Views. If you like it sappy, hit Gargiulo and Silverado Vineyards as they have equally beautiful but opposing (north to south) views of the valley, and you can draw all kinds of romantic parallels for you next poem.

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