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Silverado Vineyards Update

A letter to our friends during this difficult time
An update on what's happening here at the winery.
Dear Friends,
Once again, we thank you all for the outpouring of concern and compassion during this difficult time for Sonoma and Napa. For those of you who have not received our previous messages, the winery team and their friends and family are all safe and sound, which is the most important thing. Here is a little update on the situation at Silverado Vineyards:

Is The Winery Open?

Although the winery is operational, we remain closed to the public. The fires have yet to be fully contained. Particularly, the Nuns fire has broken over the ridge line to the West of Rutherford and is contributing to unhealthy air quality for the valley.

The weather has been good for continued progress on containment and we hope to see safe conditions return to the valley by mid-week. So, we are planning to be open to the public Thursday, October 19 at 10:00 am. Conditions may change, so please call ahead for reservations and confirmation.

Is There Anything We Can Do To Help?

We are so grateful and moved by all of the messages we have received offering assistance. The Napa Valley Community Foundation has mobilized its Disaster Relief Fund. A tax-deductible contribution to the Fund is welcome in any amount and can be made by clicking here.

What About The Vineyards, The Winery And The Wines?

In terms of the estate, we are still unable to access our Soda Creek Ranch. With that exception, we are relieved to report that all the vineyards are fine.

About the grapes, we had already finished harvest on October 4. We do not have smoke taint because the grapes were not exposed to the smoke.

All of our white wines and some of our reds had finished primary fermentation and were in tanks and barrel before the fires started. The reds that were still fermenting were nearly dry at that time, so the heat generation peak of yeast activity was well past.

As a result, the wines stayed at modest temperatures and we found them in good condition when we were able to access the winery. Because some of those tanks stayed on the skins at slightly warmer temperatures, they already have good extraction. So we are adjusting by making the press cycles shorter. We think it will be a good vintage. Again, your care and concern has touched us deeply. It means a lot and we thank you.

Russ Weis